US Weekend Box Office: Spanish Kitty Rules the World

As expected, Halloween weekend was dominated by a sexy, Spanish-accented pussy cat. “Puss in Boots” wasn’t helped by the freakish snowstorm on the east coast that kept many people away from the movies, but it still did way better than the competition. It’s a little surprising that the studios didn’t come up with more terror-fests for the ghoulish holiday weekend—a time when people go out of their way to have the bejeesus scared out of them. “Paranormal Activity 3” was the only film in the Top Ten that satisfied that mission.

Dreamworks/Paramount’s “Puss in Boots 3D” coughed up a $9.6M hairball on its opening day, much more on Saturday when families were out in force. The estimated weekend total for the #1 film will be a respectable $33M (at 3,952 theaters), less than the studio anticipated but they can always blame the inclement weather. At #2, “Paranormal Activity 3” was down quite a bit from last weekend, but still earned another $19M (on 3,329 screens). Chances are the film will see big business on Monday with the marauding Halloween crowds looking for some thrills. Fox’s new sci-fi flick, “In Time,” came in at #3 but the box office was disappointing to the execs who were hoping for much more. The Justin Timberlake vehicle brought in only $12M for the weekend (at 3,001 theaters), causing some Hollywood types to speculate that Timberlake doesn’t have much star power after all. At $5.5M for the weekend (at 3,224 theaters), “Footloose” moved to the #4 position in its third week (it’s neck-and-neck with “The Rum Diary” and the film’s position may shift when the final numbers come in). FilmDistrict’s “The Rum Diary,” featuring Johnny Depp as a Hunter S. Thompson-like character, had a so-so showing at #5 with a $5M weekend (on 2,272 screens).

The bottom half of the Top Ten are all holdovers. At #6, “Real Steel” continued to perform (at 2,272 theaters), adding another $4.9M to its coffers. “Three Musketeers 3D” plummeted to the #7 position in its second week, earning only $3.5M (at 3,017 theaters). “Ides of March” soldiered on, moving to $8 nationwide, with another $2.7M in ticket sales (at 1,572 theaters), as did “Moneyball,” at #9 in its sixth week, adding $2.4M (on 1,631 screens) to its impressive totals. The Christian-themed “Courageous,” which was finally knocked off the Top Ten last week, is baaaaack. Its $1.8M weekend take (at only 1,134 theaters) was enough to return the film to the #10 position even though it’s still bypassing the country’s sin cities, including Los Angeles. A desired alternative for all the devilish Halloween fun?


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