Tyler Prepares for American Idol Return AND Upcoming Aerosmith Tour

Steven Tyler, the enigmatic lead singer of legendary rock band Aerosmith, is in negotiations at the moment, but looks likely to return along with Randy Jackson for season 11 of American Idol.While Tyler and Jackson are “most likelys,” fellow former judge Jennifer Lopez is currently “on the fence” as to whether to come back or not for another season.

In addition to renewing his moonlighting gig on the popular Fox Network show, Tyler published his autobiography titled “Does the Noise In My Head Bother You?” on May 11th, and has since returned to his hometown to work on the iconic rock band’s first album since 2004. “It’s always great to be home. I’ve been away for so long,” Tyler told FoxNews recently. “You know, we jumped right into writing some songs; we got three already and the band is rockin’. We’re working on the album right now,” Steven continued, “We go on tour November/December, and we should have the album finished in a couple of months.”

While there is no official word on the US tour dates, Tyler and Company recently announced their South American tour will begin on October 22nd in Peru.

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