George Harrison’s Sister Pens Tell-All Book

George Harrison’s sister, Louise, is to break her silence for the first time by releasing a tell-all book about life with the Beatles legend.

The late guitarist, who died 10 years ago on Tuesday, was one of four siblings, and for years Louise has been urged to pen a book detailing her experiences growing up with the star.

Now she has finally relented and put together a book featuring her memories of the rocker, letters and never before seen photographs from her family album. And she’s adamant that her work, due for release in 2012 or 2013, will go some way toward dispelling the “myths and fantasies” surrounding the story of the Fab Four.

Louise, who lives in Branson, Mo., tells the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, “So much garbage has been written about George and the Beatles. Half of the stuff has been written by people who spent maybe an hour on a plane with the Beatles. Now I think it’s my duty to get the truth out.

“There’s been all kinds of myths and fantasies written about them. At least I have some facts to go on, because I was there — from even before they were the Beatles.”

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