Colbie Caillat Gets Personal

Four years ago, Colbie Caillat burst onto the pop scene with the infectious hit song “Bubbly,” quickly establishing herself as a refreshing and compelling new voice. Since then, the double Grammy winner has worked with some of her musical idols, including Jason Mraz, Taylor Swift and John Mayer, as well as performed at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo.

Her third album, “All of You,” to be released July 12, is her most personal yet, and it focuses on her relationship with guitarist Justin Young. Co-written with top talents Ryan Tedder, Jason Reeves and Rick Nowels, among others, “All of You” also boasts a song with another one of her musical heroes, Common.

Caillat, who is the new spokeswoman for the Humane Society, candidly talked to MSN Music about her love of tattoos, her fear of revealing too much, and why she can see an end to her touring days.

Q: You have gotten a new tattoo to commemorate each album. What’s it going to be for “All of You”?

A: It’s not really for the record; it’s just for me. It’s “Breathe, Smile and Sing.” It’s something I try to tell myself to calm down when I get nervous onstage and just when I’m playing or singing. I can see it right there as a daily reminder. … Tattoos are addicting, and I just don’t want to be cluttered. I don’t want to, in a few years, be like, “What was I doing?” You forget it’s permanent.

Q: What does making your third album mean to you in terms of where you are in your career?

A: The first album, it’s what came out and I really had no thought into it. It was just something that was there. The second record came with a million people’s input and it didn’t end up doing as great as everyone hoped for it to, and there was a lot of pressure on it. And with this record, I just don’t care anymore. It’s like, “You know what? I wrote these great songs. I worked with great people, and the people who are going to like it are going to like it.” I’m not going to play the game of the pressure and hoping and begging for it to do good. If it does, then it does. So now it’s a little more mature. This is me. This is a creation of me and take it for what it is.

Q: Much of this album is about your relationship with your boyfriend. Any qualms about laying out what’s a personal relationship for everyone to see?

A: You know, that’s the thing. “All of You” [is] about giving all of yourself, being honest and telling the truth and not holding back. So I did that with the writing, and now I’m getting a little nervous about it in interviews, keeping up to my word of saying what it’s about. It’s going to be a little awkward. … So that’s something I’m trying to prep my brain [for]: OK, how do I answer this? How do I tell the truth and not get too personal? I don’t want people to be uncomfortable.

Q: One of the songs on “All of You” is called “Dream Life.” Describe your dream life.

A: My family and I, we talk about this every day. We plan our dream life because, as much as I love singing and being on tour, it’s not my dream life. I know I now live in a nice house because of it, and I love the perks of that, but I want to be more creative in an artistic way. I like writing songs from home. I want to live in Hawaii, and we all talk about having a compound where we have all these houses around and all our dogs and start a business that we can live forever like that, but be creative and help people and help the world. So that’s my dream life: Family, friends and spending more time with them.

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